We Make it to the Finish Line!

We Make it to the Finish Line!

Well folks, we got to the finish line safely. Bravo to all players, rink officials, fans, parents, coaches, managers & volunteers who made it happen. A 50-day gap did not break our desire to finish.

If you go to the League Info page and open the Play-off Bracket document you will see who won our various divisional tiers this season. BNS Generals claimed the U15 AA title over the BNS Gladiators, while the BNS Wolverines claimed the U13 AA title over the BNS Lynx. Northeast Eagles and St. John’s Caps each captured 3 club crowns, while Avalon Celtics took home a pair. Paradise Warriors and Southern Shore Breakers each claimed one banner.

Get the jerseys on the line! See ya next season!



Photo credit: Denise Fleet