DJHL Adds Girls Pooled Hockey

DJHL Adds Girls Pooled Hockey

The Puffins have landed!

Assuming hockey returns to normal, the Scotiabank DJHL will finally expand its pooled hockey program to include a new U13 A Girls division, featuring the Scotiabank Puffins. 

Here are the details so far:

 Pooled teams of 12 players (7 forwards, 4 defense, & 1 goalie)

·         Minimum of 4 teams in U13 (if successful, add U15 the following season)

·         One-hour game sessions – three 10 stopped time periods, no OT

·         2 games & 2 practices per week (21 regular season games)

·         Home Association will be expected to provide ice time & officials in portion to their % of players in the Program

·         Registration: $1,000 range (2 payments)

·         Team names: PUFFINS, FALCONS, HAWKS, & RAVENS

·         2 Accredited Coaches + Manager per team (minimum one female coach)

·         Interested coaches and managers must apply to DJHL, but need home association endorsement first

·         Players selected from try-outs are ranked, but Draft is open for random picking by Head Coaches.

·         FProgram will mirror the existing Minor Pooled Program in terms of evaluator-driven try-outs, posted results and box scores, web site activity (, page per team, news articles, action photography, awards, Parent-Player Agreements, staff consent forms, RNC screenings, AP Program (small fee, name barred jerseys & right to attend all team practices) Twitter (@djhlnews).

·         All pooled players are registered by DJHL and cannot play on any other team below AAA (with exception of house league if permitted by Home Association).

·         Players can only try-out for either Girls Pooled or Minor Pooled.