DJHL Pooled Hockey Returns!

DJHL Pooled Hockey Returns!

The DJHL is excited to announce HNL has approved the League’s Return to Play proposal as it relates to pooled hockey. This will mean that in both U13 and U15, there will be 8-team AA divisions each, featuring 11 skaters and 2 goalies per team. There will be no A division pooled hockey.

To abide by restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the League is obligated to limit the scale of its try-out process. Therefore, players who competed full-time at the DJHL A or AA Peewee level last season and are returning to U13 will be guaranteed a spot. Likewise, players who competed at the A or AA Bantam level last season and are returning to U15 will be guaranteed a spot. In U13, only players who participated full-time at Peewee B, Atom A, or Southern Shore/Goulds Atom B (their top club team) will be permitted to try-out. In U15, only players who participated full-time at Bantam B, Peewee A, or Peewee AA will be permitted to try-out. The league recognizes that rare and special circumstances may warrant an exemption to these restrictions. In that regard, only an exemption request from an Association’s DJHL Rep will be considered.

Try-outs will begin around the end of September. Returnees only pay a $50 application fee to protect their spot. Try-out players must pay the $50 application fee plus a $50 try-out fee that guarantees at least 3 hours of ice time.  Fees must be paid by September 24th by emailing payment to for auto deposit.

The League Application and Try-out Form is now available for completion on the DJHL web site. Simply click the Registration button along the top of the home page and then click the HERE button to access the form. ONLY PLAYERS WITH BOTH THE FORM SUBMITTED ON-LINE AND PAYMENT MADE BY EMT WILL BE CONSIDERED TO HAVE APPLIED AND/OR REGISTERED.

If all potential returnees apply by the September 24th deadline, then there will be 43 spots open in U15 (8 goalie spots among the 43) and 61 spots open in U13 (9 goalie spots among the 61).