Home Visitor Rink Date Time  
1 Avalon Celtics 8 Mount Pearl BladesBussey Horwood ArenaMon, Oct 23rd06:00pm 
4 CBR Renegades 0 Paradise WarriorsCBS ArenaTue, Oct 24th07:00pm 
2 Northeast Eagles 2 St. John's CapsJack Byrne ArenaTue, Oct 24th07:30pm 
10 Mount Pearl Blades 2 Avalon CelticsGlacier (1)Wed, Oct 25th06:00pm [Schedule Updated] 
3 St. John's Caps 2 CBR RenegadesTwin Rinks (1)Thu, Oct 26th07:00pm 
4 Paradise Warriors 1 Northeast EaglesRobert French ArenaSat, Oct 28th04:00pm [Schedule Updated] 
1 Avalon Celtics 2 Northeast EaglesBussey Horwood ArenaMon, Oct 30th06:00pm 
2 Mount Pearl Blades 3 St. John's CapsGlacier (1)Mon, Oct 30th07:00pm 
2 Paradise Warriors 3 CBR RenegadesParadise Arena (B)Mon, Oct 30th07:00pm [Schedule Updated] 
2 St. John's Caps 4 Mount Pearl BladesTwin Rinks (1)Thu, Nov 2nd07:00pm 
1 Avalon Celtics 11 St. John's CapsBussey Horwood ArenaMon, Nov 6th06:00pm 
3 Mount Pearl Blades 4 Paradise WarriorsGlacier (1)Mon, Nov 6th07:00pm 
  Paradise Warriors  Mount Pearl BladesParadise Arena (B)Mon, Nov 6th07:00pm [To Be Rescheduled] 
4 CBR Renegades 1 Northeast EaglesCBS ArenaTue, Nov 7th07:00pm 
  Northeast Eagles  CBR RenegadesJack Byrne ArenaTue, Nov 7th06:30pm [To Be Rescheduled] 
8 St. John's Caps 0 Avalon CelticsTwin Rinks (1)Thu, Nov 9th07:00pm 
1 Avalon Celtics 6 CBR RenegadesBussey Horwood ArenaMon, Nov 13th06:00pm 
4 Mount Pearl Blades 2 Northeast EaglesGlacier (1)Mon, Nov 13th07:00pm 
0 Paradise Warriors 2 St. John's CapsParadise Arena (B)Mon, Nov 13th07:00pm 
2 CBR Renegades 2 Mount Pearl BladesCBS ArenaTue, Nov 14th07:00pm 
5 Northeast Eagles 0 Avalon CelticsJack Byrne ArenaTue, Nov 14th06:30pm [Schedule Updated] 
1 St. John's Caps 3 Paradise WarriorsTwin Rinks (1)Thu, Nov 16th07:00pm 
0 Avalon Celtics 9 Paradise WarriorsBussey Horwood ArenaMon, Nov 20th06:00pm 
2 Mount Pearl Blades 1 CBR RenegadesGlacier (1)Mon, Nov 20th07:00pm 
0 CBR Renegades 3 St. John's CapsCBS ArenaTue, Nov 21st07:00pm 
1 Northeast Eagles 1 Mount Pearl BladesJack Byrne ArenaTue, Nov 21st06:30pm 
3 St. John's Caps 3 Northeast EaglesTwin Rinks (1)Thu, Nov 23rd07:00pm 
  Avalon Celtics  Mount Pearl BladesBussey Horwood ArenaMon, Nov 27th06:00pm 
  Paradise Warriors  Northeast EaglesParadise Arena (B)Mon, Nov 27th07:00pm 
  Mount Pearl Blades  Avalon CelticsGlacier (1)Mon, Nov 27th07:00pm [To Be Rescheduled] 
  CBR Renegades  Paradise WarriorsCBS ArenaTue, Nov 28th07:00pm 
  Northeast Eagles  St. John's CapsJack Byrne ArenaTue, Nov 28th06:30pm 
  St. John's Caps  CBR RenegadesTwin Rinks (1)Thu, Nov 30th07:00pm 
  Paradise Warriors  Avalon CelticsParadise Arena (B)Sat, Dec 2nd07:00pm [Schedule Updated]